At Home Abortion Methods

At Home AbortionThere are many women who want to go for at home abortion mainly because they want to keep it private. About 80% of home abortions are done by women under 25 years and they usually do it within a month of the pregnancy so there is good success because the baby has hardly developed during that time. In many cases they don’t want to inform their parents about pregnancy so they abort the baby at home instead of going to a hospital.

Home remedies for abortion are only effective if it is done within 8- 10 weeks of pregnancy. There are much higher risk of abortion if done in the home because there are high chances that you will do something wrong in the procedure. If home abortion is done after the baby has developed mainly after 12 weeks then major complications may arise. at home abortion is much cheaper and safer if done properly at earlier stages. Below are a few at home abortion methods.

At Home Abortion Methods:

  • Vitamin C: It is one of the most common at home abortion method. An overdose of Vitamin C, approximately 12 gm everyday regularly is fairly effective in abortion. In most cases the baby dies within 5 days of taking Vitamin C tablets. It contains ascorbic acid which deprives the uterus of progesterone, hormone which is necessary for pregnancy. If you have sensitive kidneys or any related problems then do not take vitamin C.
  • Dong Quai: It is an herbal product which is easily available. If the bleeding does not start even after taking Vitamin C for 5 days then you can take Dong Quai. It increases the uterine contraction so there are better chances that embryo will come out of the uterine wall.
  • Abortion Pills: You can also take abortion pills if you want to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It is used by many people, easily available and even doctors prescribe if the pregnancy is in its initial stages. Most common abortion pills are misopristol and methotrexate. These drugs cause the placenta and fetus to separate from the uterine wall and bleeding may start within few hours.
  • Parsley: It is a nontoxic herb which is effective in abortion if taken along with Vitamin C. You can take it by mixing it with tea. Another way is to insert a small stem of parsley in the vagina. It helps in softening and opening the cervix and loosening the uterine wall. Change it regularly after every few hours.

In most cases when women find they are pregnant they start trying home abortion methods without consulting a doctor which can be very risky if the person is having other health problems like kidney stones. So it is important to have a proper check up before going for at home abortion. You should talk to your parents and your partner before taking such an important decision because there are major consequences of abortion for which you may have to repent in future.

Do not take decisions instantaneously without thinking, every time you are doing abortion you are increasing the risks of diseases like cancer or infertility so it is much better to use birth control measures if you don’t want a child. Even condoms may leak or break at times so it is better to have abortion pills or ascorbic acid.

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  1. Lol, Taylor is desperate..these
    Remedies probably work, but what if it works partially. .then you have to geta scrapping orget infections. prevention is better then cure

    • Counting back i figure am 4weeks preg. 6 days ago i started taking 500mg of vitimin C every two hours. I woke up once doing the night and took 4 500mg vitimin C. Today i started taking 535mg dong quai 2 every hour. After about four hours i started cramping and bleeding. This remedy really works!!!! I don’t have any side effects and the vitimin C is good for your skin too.

  2. I have been taking bue cohosh, black cohosh, and dong quai for approimately 54hours and haven’t fealt any difference or anything change…How will I know if it’s working or how long it takes? Should I maybe try the vitamin C also?

    • There is no sure way to know any of this method works 100%, however can go for a sonography if you are not seeing any results after one or two week.

  3. Can I buy vitamin c at Walmart? I really hope this works.. I’m only 16 and I have very strict Christian parents. I already told them I’m an atheist.. If they knew I was pregnant.. My life would be over. My poor boyfriend is so scared, but is with me every step. Please help me, you strangers are all I got..

    • lindsey i know exactly how you feel..hopefully this will work for both me and you and vitamin c not including bioflavonoids or rosehip are the one to use the cheaper more generic brands

      • Yes vitimin C works great in the very early stage. Use the ones without rosehips. Take 2 500mg every 2 hours for about 5-6 days and then start taking 2 500mg of dong quai every hour. If you are less then 6weeks preg your period should start a couple of hours after starting the dong quai.

        • that sounds like a lot to take to abort. I think I have 5 weeks and im hoping what you saying will work.

        • hii my gf is about 3-4 weeks and we are really scared you seem to know a lot about the how to do this is there some way i can contact you so you can help us out please

  4. I already use misoprostol twice both oral & vaginal.i only bleed a while then nothng else happen.on d second time nothng happens even bleeding.s there any other way that I can try on?

  5. I’m 21 and already have one daughter, I’m worried that I may be pregnant again and don’t want another child yet in my life and can’t afford it, I may be past the 1St trimester already and am hoping that the vitamin C intake will help my situation, any suggestions? please help

  6. Lift heavy things for abortion. Its easy but very risky! If you are healthy enough u can try it, if not then step back.

  7. Lindsey I have a really strict family and its just me and my dad now and if he were to find out id lose every bit of connection we have but my boyfriend doesn’t exactly believe in it and he doesn’t no that I am yet so can I really count on these methods?

    • I think you should take 1000mg of vitamin c every two hours I’m pregnant too and I start taking it 4 days now nothing happened yet, my advice for you is to take 1000mg every two hrs and after 5 days if there is no result start taking dong quai 1000mg every two hours good luck and don’t exceed this dosage

  8. How many pills of vitiam c.? Please Answer i think i may be pregnant by my 2nd cousin and im only 12 and he is 15 . I am so scared if mydad found out he would kill me !!!! Make things worse i dont even have a mom to talk to she abandoned me and my brother when i was 3 and my brother was 1

  9. what happens when you take vitamin c does the fetus come out and the female start to bleed?

  10. Hello I took vit c 2grm (2000mg) every 3 to 4 hours, I star to have a light spoting, since the 2nd day, and I keep taking it until day 4 day star to bleed more, how do I know that is all out? And should I keep taking vit.c ?

  11. Hi, I am on day 3 of vitamin c and havent had spotting, but I am getting really crampy… anyone know if this is normal. I started taking after 4 days late and 2 pregnancy tests.

  12. I’m a 23 year old and just found out I’m pregnant, probably 4-6 weeks. I already have a 6 month old boy so I just can have another baby yet. This will be the end of my relationship with my mum if she should find out. I hope the vitamin c. Helps.

  13. I’m 25 y/o and have 4 girls I am prego and need to abort quick I beleve I’m about 7-8 weeks preg and I have medical but all the clinics that deal with abortions in my area don’t except my medical is there any advice on how to do this properly step by step instructions or any other options maby

  14. Where would you buy dong quai from. lol… i honestly looked at the grocery store and wal mart. and cant find it. but ive been taking vitamin c for about 6 days now. and nothings happening. so now im starting to add the parsley. and just need to find the dong quai. im about 6 weeks.

  15. Ok well go to a herb store like gmc or something and if u can’t find it by ue self ask

  16. hi im looking for remedys and i bought the vitamin c pills n i was reading also if you put in the vagina it will help is that true

  17. My baby is 2 month now. But I am not in a position to give him a birth. My married life has big problems. I don’t want to abort the baby, but I am helpless now. I am planning to get divorced. But with the baby I can’t do anything. Can you please instruct me what to do? I don’t like to do this, but helpless.

    Please help me.

  18. Ok so I was told that Im 5 weeks now and that vitamin c would work for a at home abortion but I need to know if anyone knows if the vitamin c drink packets work for this or if I need the pills?

  19. Hi, So Im not supposed to start my period for another 2 and a half weeks, but im really scared i might be pregnant. Should I wait to start taking vitamin c or should i go ahead and start?

  20. I’ve just started using all of the above etc its my 1st day and am about 4 weeks am getting like period pains and a sore back is this normal?

  21. Yes it’s really helpful my parents even dnt cum to knw n my boyfriend is also happy cos neither he nor I wanted to be parents so early . N my mom didn’t even doubt on me all thanks to dis

  22. Im 12 weeks prego. I wanted to know if the vitamin c with asbortic acid would work for a miscarrage ?

  23. It is almost 5 weeks….my question is that where do i get the vitamin c?are they sold as tablets?or are they found in some foods so that i kan eat the food containing alot of it?which food are they?

  24. Hi I’m guessing I am about 2 weeks preggers, i cannot support a baby right now, have just emigrated and not employed yet. Clinics are really expensive too, even just to see a gp without medical aid, in total medical abortion (2 oral pills) is about 480 aussie dollars. I’ve bought the Vitamin C, on my second bout of 2500mg, have started cramping a little. If I don’t start bleeding after 5 days, I will purchase the dong quai too…off to the gym in a bit to do some heavy lifting too…hope this works…my boyfriend would not mind a baby, and neither would his parents, but mine will kill me and there is much I would still like to do before settling down…

    P.S is it the ascorbic acid in the vitamins that causes miscarriage? Because these contain 200mg ascorbic acid in each tablet and 500mg vitamin c in each tab.

  25. hi. i want to know if vit c can still help me. mine is about 2 months ang 2 weeks i many time ill take it

  26. i,m 4 months pregnant and I dnt want dis baby bt I dont hve money to do arbotion they expensive and I,m stil at skul I want to know other ways to do it fast before month end plzzzz help me I,m desperate

  27. I’m less Than 1mnth pregnant. I can’t find the dong quai here in nigeria. If I take the vitamin c alone will it work?

  28. Why can’t vitamin c have rosehips ? Does it really not work if I take vitamin C that does contain rosehips ?!

  29. Im 3 weeks pregnant and i wanna do an abortion cause im not ready to be a mother…can Vitamin C terminate the pregnancy?

  30. am 18yrs old think am about 2-3 weeks pregnant and am not ready yet i still have a long way 2 go pls am will i knw dat d vitaminc does not contain rosehips and aw am i to use it then wea can i get dong quai and parsley here in nigeria

  31. Im from Ireland, abortion is illegal here and most definitely frowned upon.. Where do you get vitamin c tablets, Im only 17 and am most definitely not ready for a baby! My parents, grandparents would all freak if they knew i was pregnant.. Im so scared :/ Please please no hate..

  32. I started vitamin c 6 days ago. I got about 4 more days till my expected period. I’ve experienced mild cramps and lower back pain initially but now its gone any suggestions. hope this works

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