Home Abortion Methods

Home Abortion Methods

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If you are thinking of at home abortion then you should know that it can be extremely risky and it can even put your life in to danger if something goes wrong and your home abortion methods doesn’t go successful than you may give birth to an underdeveloped baby or child with birth defects. However, if you have decided to have home abortion then you should do a lot of research and analysis. Apart from selecting the most suitable and safe home abortion methods the timing should also be right.

In many parts of the world, due to lack of facilities and knowledge physical abuse is done for abortion, it is the most dangerous way of abortion and should never be practiced. An unsuccessful attempt of abortion can cause permanent damage to the fetus. If medical assistance is available then it is highly recommended to consult them. However some of the home abortion methods are listed below for educational purpose only:

Home Abortion Methods:

  • Lace Seed: The oil present in lace seed decreases the level of progesterone as a result the uterus becomes very slippery, it prevents the uterus from developing a lining that would be suitable for an egg that had already attached.
  • Vitamin C: High dosage of vitamin C is one of the most popular and effective home abortion methods. Vitamin C tablets contain ascorbic acid which is the actually responsible for miscarriage. The dosage should be about 500mg to 1200mg. However, make sure that the tablet does not contain bioflavonoid which prevents abortion.
  • Parsley: Parsley is a very effective herb for abortion. Parsley too contains  ascorbic acid. You can either take it by mixing the leaves with tea or you can insert a branch of it in the vagina. Replace the branch three times everyday.
  • Henna Powder: You can also try consuming lots of dried henna powder regularly everyday if you want to abort your child. You can either take it directly or mix it with your food.
  • Over The Counter Abortion Pills: There are several over the counter abortion pills available in the market. Most of them are safe however check the manufacturer company before taking the medicine. Pregnancy should be detected at very early stage for the medicine to be effective.
  • Pennyroyal: Another herb which is quiet useful for abortion is pennyroyal. Consume it regularly for 15 days for a successful abortion.

Before deciding for abortion you should be well aware of all the consequences of abortion. Even if everything goes fine there are many long term physical and psychological effects of abortion. In any circumstances do not use physical exertions for abortion. It is important to use the supplements moderately, too much of vitamin C can damage the kidneys and high levels of ascorbic acid can also be poisonous.  It is highly recommended that you take help of experienced professionals for abortion and avoid the home abortion methods if possible.

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  1. Am fay from kenya,am 5weeks pregnant a got two weeks to go back to school,this is my only chance to be in school since am under sponsership am sure if they knew this school no more ,the only thing a can think of is abortion,please help me with safe idea on how to go about it”

  2. Im about 6-8 weeks pregnant. I want to
    Abort it because im not ready to
    Have a child, please help me, i
    Dont know what to do :(

  3. i have a feeling that am pregnent…i dont want to have child soo soon pls help me how can i make safe abortion in home….i cant even tell to my parents

  4. can any of these methods be used after 8 weeks of pregnancy?
    what do you do with the lace oil and can i use more than one method at once as abortion is my only option and due to my circumstances i can not go to a doctor.

  5. I am 3 weeks pregnant and i want to have a home abortion because i dont have the money for a doctor. how sure can i be that these methods work?

  6. We are not planning for the children right now, by mistake we intercourse on 6th day(after periods) 20th march &i’m suppose to get my date on 3rd of April.. its getting delayed.. and i dont wann to do any test to confirm i’m pergnant. Since more than a week i’m daily eating ripe pappya nd every day i take dates more 8-10 pieces. if i’m perganant i need to get my periods through home made abortion please help me.

  7. I had an abortion when I was 16. I was 5 weeks pregnant. I made a strong tea of pennyroyal, parsley, angelica and black and blue cohosh. I also took 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday with it too. When I bought them from the natural store (Go Vita in Australia), the woman at the counter figured out what I was doing at told me to make the tea up two days in advance and let it steep, and just topping up the water everyday so that it go stronger and stronger everyday. In the two days before it was steeped, I took primrose oil by capsule and applied it to my cervix as well as taking the Vitamin C.

    Be warned, the cramps are unbearable. It hurt so much I considered calling an ambulance. I was totally alone and in complete agony. I was sweating, dizzy and throwing up as well.

    This is normal!

    If the bleeding continues for more than two days, get an ultrasound or see a doctor. Avoid sex for about 2 weeks

  8. I’m cindy from philippines. I don’t know if i’m pregnant or not because my period was getting late. I’m supposed to have a menstruation on 18th of April but until now i don’t have a period. What will I do? Is parsley can be effective to have a menstruation or if ever i’m pregnant it will be go to abortion? Please answer i need your help. :( i know you can understand me! Thank you so much.

  9. i have used pills to abort my pregnancy i only bleed one day what should i do to induce bleeding?

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